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Brighten Your Bouquet With These Top 5 Summer Flowers

Summer is the season to be brave, vivid, and exquisite more than any other. Nothing quite like a splash of colour to remind you that summer has finally arrived when the sun is blazing.

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Because of this, we will go over the ideal flowers to use in your summer bouquet. You may use this guide to locate the ideal blossoms to brighten up a room’s corner, ask your florist Dubai to make a stunning centrepiece for a summer outdoor party, or just to enjoy some wonderful summer blooms.

1. The Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are a summertime favourite because of their enormous, cloud-like flowers, which give any arrangement a touch of retro glamour and bohemian charm. Because they are a cluster of many small miniature flowers, they come in a variety of hues (our fave is the blue hydrangea). They are also a terrific method to give the illusion of a greater bouquet.

Though their name means “water vessel” in Greek, hydrangeas do require a lot of water, their magnificent blossoms make the effort worthwhile.

2. Peonies

Although peony season is short (they are usually available for a few weeks in late spring and early summer), flower enthusiasts look forward to it greatly. It’s understandable why: peonies grow enormous, ball-shaped flowers with fluttering petals that are quite amazing. Because they are inherently photogenic and look amazing in photos, they are also a hit on Instagram.

Peonies are available in a wide range of beautiful colours, such as pink, coral, white, red, and yellow. Gorgeous coral charm peonies are a distinctive early-season type because they change colour. They start bright coral but gradually fade to peach, yellow, and cream tones over a few days. Get many looks in a single bouquet! We love the lovely blushing pink peonies for later in the season.

3. Sunflowers

A sunflower is the epitome of summer. Their stunning brilliant yellow blossoms, which resemble miniature suns, are the ideal way to give a bouquet a traditionally sunny appearance. As sunflowers are inherently upbeat, they are the ideal present for someone who might need a little more happiness in their life or just as a treat for yourself to freshen up your house for the changing of the seasons.

They’re perfect for arrangements because of their firm stems, which give your bouquet height and a solid foundation. Sunflowers are also noted for their long life, so your summer display will be colourful and alive for several days. Ask your florist Dubai to combine sunflowers with other in-season flowers, such as zinnias or daisies, to create a gorgeous arrangement that perfectly embodies summer.

4. Stocks

Also referred to as gillyflowers, stocks are prized for their fragrant, sweet, and spicy flowers, which make for exquisite flower spires that lend a lovely cottage garden feel to arrangements. Stocks are a great option if you’re searching for a dreamy fusion of alluring scent and natural attractiveness. They bloom in a broad spectrum of hues, ranging from more vivid reds, hot pinks, and violets to gentle pastel pinks, lavenders, and creams.

Their enduring flowers guarantee that your bouquet will remain lovely and fresh for a long time. Stocks are a significant complement to any arrangement since they also represent a happy life and enduring beauty. For added romantic appeal, pair them with peonies or roses; alternatively, combine them with foliage for a more organic, garden-like vibe. They are a favourite for any summer bouquet because of their adaptability.

5. Lavender

Beautifully scented lavender is a guaranteed path to the ideal summertime bouquet. Not only is the smell exquisite, but it is quite calming. For a bouquet with all the elegance of an English garden, combine lavender with peonies.

The exquisite purple blossoms of lavender lend sophistication and beauty to any design. Because of its relaxing qualities, it is also a great option for establishing a peaceful environment. Additionally, your florist Dubai can pair lavender with daisies for a more whimsical effect or with sunflowers for a dramatic contrast. Dried lavender also keeps its scent, providing a long-lasting keepsake for your summer bouquet.

The key to designing the ideal summer bouquet is to embrace vivid hues and delicious scents that perfectly encapsulate the season. These flowers provide a special charm that makes your arrangements unforgettable and beautiful. They bring the fun and beauty of summer into your house, whether you are decorating for a particular event or just keeping it cheerful. Now go ahead and play around with these flowers to let your imagination go wild and create bouquets that truly capture the beauty of summer.

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