Benefits of Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implant surgery is another significant treatment way for ED patients. It is also known as penile prosthesis surgery, which can be opted for if the other treatments have not been helpful. This surgical procedure involves putting on a device that assists the male population in having and maintaining an erection. To help men appreciate the advantages of penile prosthesis surgery, the following factors concerning this treatment should be considered.

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Types of Penile Implants

Before delving into the benefits, this is helpful to understand the main types of penile implants. It will help first to have a brief understanding of the different kinds of penile implants.

1. Inflatable Implants 

Two cylinders are inflated. Which are inserted into the penis; the fluid reservoir is to be placed beneath the abdominal wall, and the pump is to be placed in the scrotum. When the pump is turned on, the fluid from the reservoir is allowed into the cylinders to effect an erection.

2. Malleable (Semi-Rigid) Implants 

The mechanical adjuncts that are used, and they include Flexible rods. Which are inserted into the channels. The penis remains hard but also tender to ensure that the man can easily control it in the right direction to either engage in sexual intercourse.

Benefits of Penile Implant Surgery

1. Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Penile implants are the surest way of attaining an erection that has the same quality every time. It can be beneficial for those men who have not achieved the desired results from medications, injections, or other products for men’s health intended for ED.

2. Improved Sexual Satisfaction

Some patients who have undergone implant surgery have complained of some satisfaction, especially in the aspect of being able to have spontaneous intercourse. It assists in producing an erection that resembles the real one and has a positive impact on a man’s self-confidence and his abilities in bed.

3. Enhanced Relationship Satisfaction

Quality of life is the inability of the man to achieve or maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse. This is a significant part of the patient’s life. As it influences the quality of the patient’s relationship with his partner. Female partners of these men also stated that they are also content and happy because the men can now perform sexual intercourse.

4. Discreet and Concealed

The inflatable ones are less noticeable, and therefore, these are the kind of penile implants that are used. Inflatable implants do not make the penis look like an oversized rubber doll when deflated, and the surgical scar is not very visible.

5. Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting

Penile prostheses are long-lasting and can last for several years with minimal or no changes at all. Postoperatively, there is no need for pills or any other treatments for erectile dysfunction, which will decrease the costs of future healthcare and time consumption. If you’re worried about the price, check online for the penile implant cost in Pakistan and look for discounts.

6. High Success and Satisfaction Rates

The outcome of penile implant surgery is also good, where the majority of the men can regain their ability to get erections fit for intercourse. Studies have, however, shown that over 90 percent of the patients who have gone through the procedure of penile implant are content, as are their partners.

In The Ending words

Penile implant surgery is equally safe and straightforward for men with erectile dysfunction, especially if other methods cannot be of help. The benefits, restoration of the sexual life and satisfaction, and the enhancement of psychological well-being make it a reasonable and probably the most preferred option for many men. In this regard, it is recommended to consult a doctor or a healthcare provider to get more information about penile implant surgery in Karachi and determine if one is a candidate for the procedure based on their case and health condition.

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